ESR1 Last week we held our Energy Saving Recommended Members’ Briefing at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium. Our Energy Saving Recommended Scheme accredits products that have met strict criteria on energy efficiency. This year we’re going to reinvigorate and refresh the Energy Saving Recommended scheme, placing greater organizational emphasis on the programme. The scheme will become quicker, slicker and more in keeping with the commercial timeframes of its membership, which is a who’s who of all of the key players in energy saving or energy efficient products across manufacturing and retail.

Attendees at the event included our Chairman Edward Hyams, and our Strategy Director Marian Spain. Dan Norris MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was very supportive of the Energy Saving Trust and the Energy Saving Recommended scheme.
Also in attendance were Jill Armstrong, Director of Lucid People Research, Bob Gordon, Environmental Policy Executive at the British Retail Consortium, and Irwin Lee, Vice President and Managing Director, UK and Ireland at Procter & Gamble.
We had an exhibition of the Energy Saving Trust’s services including Employee Engagement, our Advice network, Knowledge Services, Green Fleet Reviews, Housing and Low Carbon Technology.

Delegates were in attendance from: LG, Comet, Sainsbury’s, Knauf Insulation, B&Q as well as new corporate members of the Energy Saving Trust, Baxi.

Pictured above and below is Dan Norris MP – Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Rural Affairs and Environment), DEFRA, and myself. Below is our 'lightbulb challenge' which consists of two booths, one containing an energy saving bulb and one containing an incandescent bulb. The challenge is to guess which one is which!