Fleet Hero Award Itself Applications opened this week for our Fleet Hero Awards 2009 and this year there are even more chances to get involved. The Fleet Hero Awards is the leading event for sustainable fleet management where we showcase this year’s greatest achievements in fleet management.

This year we have introduced several new categories. Firstly we have introduced separate awards for public and private sector, to reflect the different challenges faced by each, and we have also introduced innovation awards for Car and Van Manufacturing as well as innovation in Fleet Services and Systems. So this means even more people/companies can find an award category to suit what they do.

“Becoming a Fleet Hero is an honour in itself, and something of which our employees are rightly proud. But it’s great for our PR too and we’ve been able to promote our achievements to a wider audience.”
Harvey Leonard
Marketing & Communications Manager, Government Car & Despatch Agency
Winner smarter driving award (2008)

Apply here: www.guardian.co.uk/fleetheroes2009