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The Prime Minister and Ed Miliband today launched their ‘Road to Copenhagen’ pamphlet which clearly outlines why we need to take action on climate change internationally, and the importance of striking the right deal in Copenhagen. The pamphlet is a great idea as whilst everyone is now pretty familiar with the issue of climate change they might not be so familiar with the ins and outs of what we all need to do about it.

And that’s where we come in. We need to make the issue of climate change is relevant to people’s lives wherever they live in the UK. The ‘Road to Copenhagen’ document outlines the key role that home energy efficiency plays in the Government’s overall climate change goals.

We undertook some consumer research recently to find out the reasons why people might not be taking action. Many people worry about who to turn to for advice and are not sure who to trust. They feel there are multiple sources for advice and help. And that’s why we’re working hard to reach people in their communities right across the UK to make sure they know why we need to reduce our impact on climate change and how we can all do it!

For more info and to read the pamphlet click here