HN speaking In Wales we have been busy launching our latest policy document, ‘Low Carbon Citizens’. The Welsh Assembly Government has committed to a 3% per annum reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2011 and we have identified the total potential savings from a wide range of activities, providing information for policymakers on where the biggest savings potentials are. It also sets out:

  • How the Energy Saving Trust is working towards helping everyone in Wales reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Extra things we would like to do with the support of the Assembly Government.
  • Policies and programmes that we believe the Assembly Government should put in place to help achieve these savings.
  • Areas where UK Government policy is needed to help support change in Wales.

The document highlighted the significant carbon savings available from solid wall insulation, inefficient boiler replacement, sustainable driving and renewable energy generation. By far the biggest potential savings come from community-scale energy generation, but not surprisingly, these are going to be the hardest savings to achieve!

The launch in Cardiff was very well attended, with over 50 key stakeholders, including the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, the Director of her department and the Sustainable Development Commissioner for Wales. The North Wales event was  smaller, but our audience included included a Climate Change Commissioner, and demonstrated our commitment to Wales wide working.  The report is available at  as well as For more information please contact Dilys Howells, Strategy Manager – Wales.