MB I am very excited about our latest short film about energy saving, not least because it is fun and engaging but because it is done by a green celebrity I have actually heard of: Comedian Marcus Brigstocke.
Now to be honest I have heard of most of them, and consider myself in touch with generations other than my own. But Marcus crosses divides even better than me and can be heard not just on Radio 4, but various other channels from  BBC 3 to Dave. His work is as varied as his audience and covers live comedy performances, writing and acting. So it’s even more exciting that he had the time to appear in this short film, showing the energy saving measures he has taken in his own London home. Its all in the style of the MTV show Cribs so I had to blog out to all you energy aware homies and say “check it”! http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Resources/Watch-our-video-content/Celebrity-Green-ambassadors/Marcus-Brigstocke-in-Eco-pads