I was at the Imperial War Museum today talking about wartime life with some of our Great Green Ambassadors. I think we can all be glad that we are not facing the tough times of bombs, evacuations and rationing but equally there is a lot we can learn from this generation of resourceful people who made the best of everything; using things again and again – and even when they were broken finding ways to mend and repair them.

At the Imperial War museum you can walk around a wartime house, built to scale, that shows how previous generations lived. We sat in this house with the Great Green Ambassadors showing us how to knit and crochet whilst amusing us with tales from the war that included plotting fighter plane journeys and thonging…. but that’s a story for another time! In all seriousness though, you cannot help but have respect for a generation who knew the value of food and energy and did all they could to save and not waste either.

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