When it comes to renewable energy the Spanish tendency to do things “manana” seems not to apply. In recent years Spain has been investing huge sums in renewable energy projects with impressive results. In 2008 they generated 16,740MW of wind energy compared to only 3,241MW in the UK. That is despite us having 40 percent of Europe’s wind resource. Spain is also making rapid progress in solar power and all new homes are required to generate 30 to 70 percent of their hot water using solar power. This shows what’s possible when concerted action to address energy issues is taken and the Spanish have reaped the benefits of job creation and CO2 emission reductions that go with it. It’s about time we awoke from our siesta and did the same! However the UK is now making some progress on this front and the introduction of Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives will go a long way to promoting additional renewable energy capacity, particularly at the smaller scale. We now need to ensure these mechanisms are effective whilst continuing to invest heavily in large scale renewables and energy efficiency. Ole!

Wind farm