Both the Telegraph and Yahoo online report that rubbish is up 500% from the 1960’s with the clean up costing about £500 million! Along with the fact that litter looks horrid and encourages rats (you’re never more than 10m away!), the rubbish is often made up of items that could have been recycled – so it’s not just a waste of money clearing it up, but a waste of resources. It goes to show that the rubbish issue goes beyond concerns about landfill space running out and even that of litter. We are simply producing too much stuff. So we need to find cleverer ways to use things (and re-use them) and we need to produce less in the first place. One of the organisations helping us get smart about waste is WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme). They are tackling climate change by helping us all to reduce waste and they go right to the source – packaging. Find out more about WRAP here:
They do report some good news too – the reduction in plastic bags has exceeded voluntary targets of 25% cuts and confectionary retailers say Easter egg packaging will also be reduced this year, by up to 50%….which I am delighted about because the important bit is surely the chocolate! 

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