B&Q have an amazing deal on at the moment that I must tell you about it even if it makes me sound a bit like a market trader. The offer is 3 rolls of loft insulation for only £3. At £1 a roll there are huge savings to be made and not just in the shop.

Insulating your loft will save you money off your fuel bills, year after year. In fact loft insulation is effective for 40 years! And the savings are not to be sniffed at – installing loft insulation can achieve savings of around £200 per year. For those with some existing loft insulation – topping up from 50mm to 270mm saves around £60 per year. So your investment in the rolls of insulation (if you install them yourself) is instantaneous.

But hurry up as (again sounding like a cheesy salesman) this cannot last forever! British Gas is funding the offer as part of the government scheme to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but there are only one million rolls!

Learn how to insulate your loft here: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Home-improvements/Home-insulation-glazing/Loft-insulation