According to The Sunday Times yesterday, a government report has put Britain top of the league for toxic traffic fumes. This hit a personal note with me as I read that 5 roads in my home town of Lewes were above the targets set by the EU – perhaps time to take alternative transport to the shops (or avoid them altogether)? The EU limit for the dangerous Nitrogen dioxide emissions (linked to various things from asthma to premature death) is 40, Greater London levels are 97! Breaching these targets means huge fines for the UK. Maybe this is why the London Mayor (who last month dropped a pledge to forces vans to comply to the Low Emission Zone targets) is reportedly looking into the feasibility of an electric car hire scheme in London, similar to that adopted by Paris. Electric cars (whilst still requiring fossil fuels for the electricity) produce no exhaust emissions, so this would be a fantastic way to reach air pollution targets and reduce C02 emissions at the same time. Anyway you don’t need to wait for an electric car hire program before you reduce emissions, by driving smarter or taking alternative transport you can cut them today go to to find out how.