Low and high … thermal imaging show the bulb on the left is far more efficient

The Sun used fantastic thermal imaging techniques to show the wasted heat emitted by incandescent light bulbs. And pictures really do speak a thousands words. Next to an energy efficient bulb we can see the contrast – not so much in black and white – but in a range of rainbow colours indicating temperatures. The Energy efficient bulb is a coolish green all over, whereas the incandescent bulb is shown to be reaching red hot temperatures of up to 150° – a difference if 100°. Wasted heat, whether it comes out of windows, walls or the lights is wasted energy, wasted C02 and wasted money. If every household in Britain installed just 3 energy saving light bulbs, you’d save enough energy to light the streets of Britain for a year….It all goes to show that energy efficient light bulbs really are cool!

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