Travelling on the train in the snow (those that were running this week!) was not just a poetic experience but also an educational one. One look at each house told the true tale of that house’s insulation levels. Well insulated homes kept their snow covered look, whilst other houses were leaking so much heat that they were melting the snow off their own roofs. Around half of a homes’ heat loss occurs through the walls and loft, so cavity wall and loft insulation are simple measures to make your home warmer for less. No-one wants to pay to heat the area around their house, but that is what many are doing – and this week we didn’t need thermal imaging cameras to see it. So from loft insulation to double glazing, find out how you can keep the heat you pay for in your home. Heating up the outdoors when you’re indoors – well there’s just snow point!


Snow on roofs