Energy Label (w There have been a lot of Government policy announcements in recent months which we [The Energy Saving Trust] are right behind; or rather have been pushing for some time. The introduction of smart meters and consumer friendly feed-in-tariffs are just two examples.

If policy announcements were all that mattered, the United Kingdom would be up among the leading countries. But turning these policies into reality is another matter entirely. And that’s something that is a real concern for me right now. 

If you’re interested in what I’ve got to say on the matter, take a look at the interview I did with BBC Online.

You’ll see in the BBC article that one of my concerns is that the European Union is considering ditching the much recognised A-G labelling system – this is the label that you see on washing machines and fridge/freezers as well as other electrical products. The EU might change the A-G label system to a numbered system. Our European-wide research shows that people will be confused by this.

It has certainly got George Monbiot’s attention. Take a look at his blog.

Pictured below is Anna Chatburn from our communications team promoting the A-G label


Energy Saving Trust says to EU_'Hands off A-G'_pic1