Guest blog by Edward Hyams, Chairman of the Energy Saving Trust                 


I knew I was in for a treat on Friday morning when Boris rode in on his bike, threw off his bag and jumped straight into a photo call outside City Hall. We stood in freezing cold conditions for part of the launch of the Mayor’s new campaign to raise Londoners’ awareness of the benefits they can claim to stay warm this winter.


Holding this photo shoot outside on a cold January morning really emphasised how many people can suffer through not being able to pay their energy bills. Boris was highlighting that there are many grants available to vulnerable Londoners with the help of the Energy Saving Trust. Grants such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation not only help save energy and money but also help keep a home warm.


This campaign will highlight to people in London and around the whole UK that anyone can call one of our Energy Saving Trust advice centres and get free impartial advice. Today’s launch really benefited from the backing of Boris and I hope in the future he will be working closely with the Energy Saving Trust to deliver yet more advice to help citizens keep warm, save energy and save money!



Boris pic