Guest Post by Matthew Wright, Director of Customer Insight at the Energy Saving Trust

The damaged wind turbineIt seems
Aliens from outer space are trying to raise awareness of the importance of
renewables – you may have seen the pictures of a damaged wind turbine in the
papers yesterday. The headline on the front page on The Sun was ‘UFO hits wind
turbine’ – apparently locals saw strange lights heading towards the 290ft tall
turbine, and a blade was knocked off and is nowhere to be seen! Maybe they are
trying to tell us something!

the intergalactic theme, earlier in the week the Daily Telegraph reported that
a satellite will be launched this month measuring how the Earth 'breathes'
greenhouse gases. The paper says the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite,
which was created in Japan,
will monitor the emission of carbon dioxide and methane in 56,000 locations
across the world while orbiting once every three days at an altitude of some
400 miles. The satellite will be launched from Tanegashima Space Centre on
January 21.

Will it
take intervention from out of space to make us realise the urgency of finding
alternative energy sources? Some have said the environmental movement was
sparked after the first images of Earth from space were seen. Realising we only
have one planet really brings home the seriousness of climate change!