Gordon Brown was recently ‘caught in the act’ using plastic carrier bags for his weekly supermarket shop despite pledging to eliminate them. As the CEO of the Energy Saving Trust I am well aware of the need to practise what you preach! But nobody’s perfect – I don’t live in a solar-powered eco-house! But the key is adapting your way of thinking: ‘Could I do without that plastic bag? Could I recycle that coffee cup?’. Once you start adapting your way of thinking, it starts affecting your behaviour and habits – and it’s these little steps that can make a difference. For example if everyone in the UK switched off lights when not needed it could save 620,000tCO2 per annum, and if everyone switched appliances off standby it could save a whopping 3.3 million tCO2 per annum! So the little things really can make a big difference!