Happy new year from all at the Energy Saving Trust!

So, the unrecyclable paper mountain! According to a
story in today’s Daily Mirror paper, card, cans and glass are mounting up in UK warehouses because the market has slowed in China due to
the downturn in the global economy.

Not that I see this downturn as a positive thing for
the environment, but this is a reminder that we could indeed reduce our
consumption.  I don’t mean that we should
stop buying things that we need, I just mean being more careful about the
choices we make – a glass of tap water perhaps instead of a opening another
plastic bottle of spring water? My personal gripe is with the amount of junk
mail that I get sent http://www.stopjunkmail.org.uk/

People say to me time and time again that their
recycling ends up in landfill anyway so there’s no point in recycling.  Things do get recycled but the best bet is to
reduce! Read the online Daily Mirror article by clicking here

Look out
for out for our view on the governments New Year’s resolutions in the press….