Well, I am delighted to say that our Energy Saving Week (20 – 26 October) was perhaps our best yet…well certainly if the media coverage is anything to go by! Even more so, when you consider that we were up against what seemed to be the almost perpetual coverage of the US Election and the ‘Credit Crunch’!

Anyway, for those of you not in the know this year’s theme was the `Green / Life Balance', which drew on the fact that all of us are getting busier, working harder and having less time to do the things that we want to do, and therefore struggling to find time to fit being green into our daily lives. 

To support our theme we commissioned research in which two thousand people throughout the UK and 1,000 each across France, Spain, Sweden, and Germany took part in the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken into different European countries' attitudes towards finding time to be green. What the research showed is that people in the UK and across Europe want to be green, but often work and family responsibilities just keep getting in the way.

According to the research, while Brits' desire to save money is motivating them to take energy saving measures, pressure on their time is stopping them going further to save energy and find a 'green/life balance':

Some of the key highlights of the research were that:

  • Half of Brits (50 per cent) quizzed, say that they would take more steps to cut their CO2 emissions if only they had more time.
  • Brits are spending around 170 million hours each year waiting on hold on the telephone, and more than 210 million hours stuck in traffic!
  • Six in 10 (62 per cent) UK residents spend more than 10 minutes a week standing in queues.
  • Almost half (48 per cent) Brits waste more than 10 minutes a week waiting for the kettle to boil.

And in Europe:

Almost half (46 per cent) of Spaniards spend 10 minutes a week or more taking siestas.

  • Twenty-one per cent of Frenchmen and women spend more than 10 minutes a week waiting for their food to arrive in a restaurant.
  • Eight in 10 (80 per cent) Germans spend at least 10 minutes every week organising their desks.

Later in the week, we issued further research, focusing on the employee angle, which showed that a third of Brits say that their job is the main reason that they do not have time to be green. But 44 per cent of employees said they would be more motivated if their employer offered some kind of a green benefit, such as loans for energy efficient products, free visits from an 'energy doctor' to tell them what they can do to save energy at home, and access to green finance products, to encourage them to live a greener lifestyle.

The end result was an avalanche of media coverage – some of which I have highlighted below:



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Wedi 3 – Elin Llyr appeared on Welsh magazine programme ‘Wedi 3’ Tuesday discussing energy saving gadgets and Energy Saving Week.


BBC Radio Cymru (‘Nia’ lifestyle programme) – Elin Llyr was live in the studio Monday morning discussing Energy Saving Week and ‘A’ Rated Appliances.


Carmarthen Journal – A feature piece was published in Thursday’s edition of ‘Carmarthen Journal’ regarding how energy consumption has changed over the years.
Y Cymro – A feature was published in Friday’s edition of ‘Y Cymro’ regarding Glyn Wise’s support for Energy Saving Week and his top energy saving tips for students.

Northern Ireland


UTV News (No. 1 Evening News Programme in NI) – Feature on sharing baths & saving energy 


BBC Radio Ulster – Interview with Noel Williams (Head of EST NI)
Citybeat – Interview with Noel Williams for evening news show


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