Now, without wishing to diminish my own credibility too much, I have to admit to watching the X Factor the other weekend. My excuse is that I was at a loose end whilst up at the Labour Party Conference, but I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you believe me or not!
Anyway the show, unsurprisingly, consisted of the usual put downs, atrocious singing, and a fair amount of crying, however, what interested me was how the judges arrived to the audition venues. Whilst I accept that part of the show’s appeal is to create glitz and glamour out of what is – in effect – a glorified talent / karaoke contest – I have to question whether helicopters and limos used by the judges to travel to the audition venues are really necessary. Surely by glamorising two methods of transport that represent a flagrant disregard towards the environment gives out entirely the wrong message to their millions of viewers. Now, whilst I’m not necessarily suggesting that the judges have to travel in a low-carbon car (although that would be nice), I think the producers could at least resist the glamour / slow mo shots of Simon, Danni, Louis and Cheryl each arriving separately in their helicopter / limo.  Surely that’s not too much to ask? Perhaps, dare I say, they could share! I think this week I’ll stick to attending and watching the Conservative Party Conference.