Can we make a low-carbon lifestyle a reality by 2050?

Well, according to a survey we carried out recently it appears that people in the UK have a somewhat Orwellian view of what life might be like in 2050! More than four in ten Brits think the UK will need its own Carbon Police to enforce regulations and a quarter believe the worst environmental offenders will be forced to go to energy rehab, or take energy addiction classes. I have a vision of an awful lot of people being admitted to rehab, if regulations like these are needed to reduce our carbon emissions!

That’s why I believe that our new report – Emission impossible? – launched today is so important.

It examines the steps that we need to take for a low-carbon lifestyle to become a reality by 2050 and in the process help us to meet our ambitious 80 per cent carbon dioxide reduction target.

The good news is that if we start to take action now to lower our carbon emissions then we needn’t adopt austere lifestyles or make unpleasant personal sacrifices – something which was clearly of concern to the people we surveyed! In fact, I believe that a low-carbon lifestyle could actually improve the quality of all of our lives. Imagine living in warm, affordable, comfortable homes – with access to a range of travel choices, whilst at the same time sustaining our environment.

It often seems that only expensive, or far-off technological breakthroughs can really make a difference, a low-carbon future can be achieved with a combination of existing technology, bold policy decisions and the right personal choices.

I wouldn’t claim that we have all the answers and solutions yet though. The Emission impossible? report is just the beginning of what will be a process of engagement – not only with national and regional Governments and industry, but people like you and me. That’s why I’d love to hear what you think about the ideas contained in the report. Do you think they’re achievable, realistic, barmy or bonkers – and is there anything missing, which you think should have been included?

Click here to download the Emission impossible? report.

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