If you were possibly on another planet last week, you may have missed the fact that it was Recycle Week, but, looking at the 250 odd press hits this morning, it certainly wasn’t missed by most. I thought it was interesting, just scanning some of the press reports, to look at some of the things that people got up to last week up and down the country, across hundreds of different events. How about the ethical fashion show in Folkestone headed up “Wear is Billy?” (for the uninitiated he’s the cartoon boy in the Recycle Now ads). Down in the West Country, in Gloucester, there was a massive recycling road show where you could ask any questions you might have about recycling, whilst at the Royal Cornwall Show, over the weekend the County Council had a stand throughout the show, showing you what you can recycle from different parts of the house. Up in the North there were events in Leeds, showing you just how a green bin is sorted and intriguingly, in Manchester, Stockport’s recycling officers were giving the city’s green banks the green treatment themselves by sprucing them up, giving them a complete transformation. In the East it was all a matter of looking out for Bertie Bottle and Carrie Can, in Norfolk they were trekking boldly across the country reminding everybody in the area what it is to recycle, particularly at selected primary schools which is where the message seems to be well received wherever it is in the country.

Which brings me on to something else – Schools. If you want to see a really engaging piece of schools material, one has just been published by the Worcester Bosch Group for young primary kids called – Picture a Greener Future featuring Bobby the Boiler and Solar Sam. The story of which is all around things that take place in the house but also includes a Spot the Difference competition, mix ‘n’ match energy facts and an energy word search – all with readily available answers. This is the sort of stuff that really engages young minds, in fact come to think of it, a few adults might benefit from it as well! Well done to Tracey, Richard and Sue at the Worcester Bosch Group for this really clear, engaging and concise publication. If you want to catch it go to www.worcester-bosch.co.uk

Inspiring and engaging young people to help save the planet