Well late last week it finally arrived.  The first concept car with a plug less plug-in battery.  I won’t begin to try and explain the technology (you will be delighted to discover), but basically the difference between this and normal hybrids is that you can actually take the car, so to speak, via the battery pack to the mains, rather than having to park right next to the socket – which, as you can imagine, is a tad difficult if you live in a tenement block. 

This new vehicle is based on the immensely popular Skoda Fabia.  It not only differentiates itself from the standard model by having a different label, but by returning 64 miles per gallon as measured on accepted drive cycles!  The ultimate aim of the project is to see whether the battery packs can be transferred from the car into a range of other devices, which could include such things as SUV variants, electric jet skies or quad bikes. 

So this project jointly funded by Mira and Energy Saving Trust through the Low Carbon Research and Development programme could represent a major step forward in the hybrid vision of the future delivering lower tail pipe emissions, better fuel efficiency but at an equivalent diesel cost, now wouldn’t that be a first!