I noticed the other day that John Lewis have recently launch an ‘eco-products’ section on their website. I have to say I am impressed. The site is split into five sections, energy efficiency, fairly traded, organic, recycling, sustainable, and eco-friendly making it really easy for the casual shopper to find the eco-product they’re looking for.

Having explored the site, what I was particularly pleased to see was the wealth of supporting advice and information giving people the context as to why they should consider eco-products.

One of the most interesting products John Lewis has on sale are the eco-washing and tumble drying balls. Whilst the eco-balls cost more to purchase initially (£30), they are effective for 750 washes. This has a double benefit. Firstly you don’t have to spend money on washing powder / liquid – and secondly you’re not flushing detergents into the sewage system. There is actually a third benefit too and that’s the fact eco-washing balls work effectively at 30 degrees centigrade meaning you can save energy too given most standard washes are at 40 degrees centigrade, or hotter. The tumble drying balls help to reduce the time it takes to dry clothes – and can save up to 25 per cent of electricity in the process.

So, if you get a chance why not visit the John Lewis website?