One of the problems with green electricity tariffs is their lack of transparency, with current EU regulations only requiring suppliers to provide details of the overall fuel mix of the electricity generated. Therefore the Energy Saving Trust, in coalition with energywatch, the National Consumer Council, the Renewable Energy Association sent a letter at the end of February to BERR Secretary, John Hutton and Defra Secretary, Hilary Benn asking them to make it a requirement for suppliers to reveal the renewable and non-renewable mix of every consumer’s energy supply (Click here to read the letter).

On a personal note, I want to see all green tariffs meet a standard that is genuinely green, comes from 100 per cent renewable sources of energy and delivers “additionality”. By that I mean customers know by signing up for a green tariff that they are helping to bring more renewable energy to the grid. If this isn’t achieved, we may need to introduce an extra label to make it clear which do and don’t meet these basic standards – such as our Energy Saving Recommended Scheme. This took away the confusion that people had when buying household products so they now know they are buying the best in class. The same should be true for green energy.