Well, a few weeks back I promised to keep you updated on who had won the inaugural Sky ‘Green Shoots’ short film competition – and true to my word, I now have the results.

As you may remember the competition involved a nationwide search to find the best short film to inspire people across the UK to take action to tackle climate change by making small changes in their everyday lives.  Entries were submitted to Sky’s user generated content website, Sky Cast and then a panel of judges (including myself!) voted on the best short film.

So, who won?

Well, we decided that Tony Moon’s film ‘Going Green’ was the stand out entry. The film is a story based around ‘young’ George who is left home alone and decides to surprise his parents by making changes around the home to lead their family in the fight against global warming. I fully support Sophie Turner-Laing, Sky’s Managing Director of Entertainment when she said of the film that it “…tackled a serious issue in a light hearted and entertaining way. It’s great that he was able to combine his passion for film with an issue close to his heart.” Tony’s film will be shown during the ‘The Close Up’ show, on Sky Premier, at 5:30pm, Tuesday 26. February – and at other times throughout this week. You can view Tony’s film below.

The runners up were Robert Ford with ‘Small Changes’ and Przemek Sobkowicz with ‘It May Help’. Please click on the relevant title to view their respective films.

Using this type of viral media is an exciting and engaging way of communicating energy saving messages to people. Provided the content is compelling enough – as is the case with the three films mentioned above – then in a blink of an eye, it is quite feasible for a film to quickly circulate by email around, not only the UK, but perhaps the World. Indeed, I think this post rather proves my point seeing as I’ve provided links to the two runners up films and embedded the winning entry below! I, for one, will certainly be interested to see how many ‘hits’ all three of these films receive over the coming months.

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