Well, yesterday was quite a special day as I helped Nicky Gavron (Deputy Mayor of London) launch the completed and operational solar roof at City Hall. To quote Ray Noble of BP Solar – "This is possibly going to become the most iconic building, not only in the UK and Europe, but also possibly – at the moment – in the world with regard to its use of renewable energy". I won’t bore you with too many of the engineering details, but suffice to say it’s an engineering marvel – beautiful to look at (see pictures below) and has a carbon payback of just under four years (yes – four years!) This means with an expected operational life of 60 years, we are talking about this particular initiative paying back fourteen times over its lifetime. As I said in my speech, it’s actually fantastic to see and to help launch such a singularly effective illustration of what distributed generation can look and feel like and yes, it’s not a bad view either! Let’s hope that the next step, which includes similar initiatives on over 100 GLA properties, whilst perhaps not as spectacular, will also serve as working reminders of what we need to do – not only to make London the leading low carbon city in the world, but also to illustrate what can be done all across the country. I am not sure that I am allowed to say well done Ken and Nicky in an election period, but I will anyway and risk Boris Johnson’s wrath!