Well, you get the idea anyway! Today, I got the chance to partake in the rather pleasant duty of judging Sky’s ‘Green Shoots’ competition. I was involved along with other much better qualified people in the form of Winnie De’Ath – Director of Communications at WWF, Elliot Grove – the Founder of Raindance Film Festival and David Croft – the Head of TV Directing at the National Film School.  For those of you who are not aware of it ( where have you been?), this is a competition to encourage ordinary citizens to put together short 60 second videos with the aim of keeping the public motivated on the issue of climate change by delivering a creative call to action in an engaging way.

The competition closed recently and there have been 25,000 (yes – 25,000 hits!) on the website on Sky Casts platform. This in itself is a credible achievement in terms of engaging citizens on climate change and inspiring them with new ideas, but as importantly was the quality of the short listed clips. These – from a personal perspective – ranged from the really rather excellent to the somewhat bizarre, but hey what do I know? I run a company, I would not claim to be Alan Yentob!

Anyway I digress. We waded our way through 18 short listed clips and a winner and two runners up were duly chosen and no, I am not telling you who they are.  Suffice to say that they will be probably be shown during the week of the 23 February on Sky Movies Premier Close Up.  It was an interesting experience; not quite as arduous as choosing the Booker prize winner (should that be the Man Booker prize winner now?), but each of us had our own views. My thanks also go to Sky for hosting the whole affair and for Solitaire Townsend from Futerra for refereeing in the clinches.  We more or less arrived at an agreed verdict in the end; anyway have a look to see what you think.

We will be posting the links once the winners are announced.