"A real drain in wet weather"

EVEN THE DRAINS DON’T WORK! I’ve been musing this week, as I’ve made my way across to and from various meetings in London what it is that draws a similarity between free newspapers – you know the ones I mean, the Metro, London Lite etc and the Capital’s Victorian sewer system! It may seem a tenuous connection, but trust me what they both have in common is that they are now completely unsustainable. It really gets to me when I am walking from my office to Waterloo where I am practically ambushed by the aggressive free paper distributors. (I can only assume they switched professions from their original roles as charity fund-raisers.) But there they lie in wait thrusting an unwanted newspaper of dubious quality into my face, mumbling something half-understood. I ignore them studiously, hands in pocket, head down only to discover at least thirty or forty copies of said newspaper discarded on the ground between Parliament Square and Waterloo. How have we got to this situation where we are sanctioning the giving away of tens of thousands of newspapers everyday – most of which don’t even get read – whilst at the same time expressing horror at supermarkets using plastic bags. Where’s the logic in that?

Which brings me to drains. As it has been raining nearly all week, in my attempt to avoid being forced to accept free newspapers I have been dodging back and forth across pavements up and down, to and fro across the Capital and invariably by the time I’ve got home my feet, shoes, trousers are absolutely soaking. I have actually discovered this week that the rain doesn’t make you wet from the head down, but from the feet up. A combination of inconsiderate drivers combined with drains built for another age long before climate change mean that to walk on London’s fabled pavements is not to risk missing the gold, but missing your footing and ending up with wet feet, whilst clutching an unwanted newspaper.

Well, I am off to have a few days off next week, but you will be delighted to know that despite the weather it doesn’t take any aeroplane flights to go from here to the Sussex coast where hopefully I’ll be spending a peaceful few days taking in the beautiful sights. In the meanwhile, one or two people may be popping up to do some guest posts in my absence.