Well, what a week it’s been! There have been all sorts of announcements and press coverage, ranging from the Government’s declaration to press on with second generation nuclear power stations to various articles, particularly in the broadsheet press, accusing energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) of anything from mercury poisoning, poor health, epilepsy, migraines to, well, I am not sure what comes next.  Third world poverty?! Whilst not wanting to undermine any of these issues, surely we have to keep our eye on the bigger picture here and remind ourselves that climate change is the biggest threat facing, not just the UK, but the rest of the world as well.

This brings me onto something small-scale, but quite heartening in the context of the trillions of pounds of investment being spent on nuclear energy, off-shore wind etc etc. We’re starting to see the gradual launch of something, which I think could potentially revolutionise the carbon footprint of our transport sector. What is it? Electric vehicle recharging points. Until very recently these rather eclectic electric vehicle recharging points could only really be found within WestminsterCity, where a Government launched infrastructure programme had funded a couple of dozen. However the good news is forward looking Capital Shopping Centres Plc, which is part of Liberty International has agreed to install recharging points in nine of the UK’s leading regional shopping centre. So, firstly a round of applause to CSC Plc and secondly coming to a shopping centre near you will be the opportunity to plug in and go. It’s only a small start, but a heartening counterbalance to all of the talk of the need to spend trillions of pounds of tax payers’ money on technologies that one has to say to date have singularly failed to deliver a consistent cost-effective source of energy.

OK, grumpy, old man rant now over! Resume normal service next week.