Well, believe it or not we are almost at Christmas. I don’t know where November went to!  Anyway, first off, I hope all my readers/fans/critics have a great break. I look forward to reading your responses to my blogs when I begin writing them again in the new year. But, before signing off, I thought it would be remiss of me not to remind everybody that there can be such a thing as a sustainable Christmas.  This is not about me being  “bah humbug” or anything like, simply that if you are going to have a tree, make sure you re-cycle it afterwards and where you can use energy efficient Christmas tree lights (yes, they are starting to appear on the market).  Also, try to re-use all your packaging – it’s amazing how creative you can be once the fog of the New Year has cleared and where possible try to buy gifts that are sustainable rather than those which use up yet more of the planets precious resources.

Oh and, of course, do eat, drink, and relax. Not forgetting to try and source your food and drink locally where possible.  That’s local to where you live – not necessarily your local Tesco! 

Anyway enough hectoring for the meanwhile, have a great Christmas break and like Gordon Brown we are all hopeful for a happier and prosperous 2008.