How appropriate is that? Just as I started to put together this blog with a theme of power on, the lights went out, the computer went off, and we had a short power cut, as if I was being given a ghastly foretaste of what might become a regular occurrence in the not too distant future – and for some already what they spend their daily lives enduring.

The purpose of this blog is actually unusual in that it is devoted to plugging somebody else’s piece of work, but none-the-less if you only have the chance of reading one article as to why the future of renewables is such a fundamental part of the UK’s future energy supply then read the article by John Hughes and Mark Anslow in this month’s Ecologist magazine. It really does take you through, in a very understandable way, the scale of the issue, the technologies that need to be brought to market in order to solve it, as well as giving a realistic understanding of the UK as a renewable power house – including a detailed ‘Energy Map’. For details of the information presented on the ‘Energy Map’ then go to .

Talking of the scale of the problem, I can hear the bands outside Whitehall playing to “celebrate” the State visit of the Saudi Royal Family who clearly haven’t yet got the message about the size of their carbon footprint, not only representing – as they do – the largest producer and owner of the World’s finite fossil fuels supply, but also continuing to travel, in what they might call opulent style. How seriously can we take anyone who manages to fly five large jets from one Continent to another in order to have discussions about production, dissemination and use of deadly weaponry? Whilst we may all have to deal with some challenging relationships in the modern world, I think this carbon celebration is one too far for me. Why not stay at home and do it by video conference?!