Never was a phrase more truly seen than on Friday last when I had an inspiring hour with a group of Green Ambassadors from up and down the length and breadth of the UK.  They came from all parts, from all sorts of back grounds – some professionally involved in the green world, others just massive advocates for doing the really good environmental things that we all know we should be doing.  I hopefully was able to give them some idea of where we are as an organisation in terms of our understanding of citizens attitudes towards sustainable living, but much more importantly they were able to inspire me with their passion, commitment and very practical application of what it is like to become a real advocate of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and all other things sustainable.

This is a network that we put together a year or so ago and I have been privileged to share in part of it. If there are any other folk out there – be they 8 or 80 – who’d like to get involved then please contact me via the blog and we will patch you into the network.  I am sure there must be plenty of people out there who think they are labouring on their own, but rest assured there are some brilliant people out there acting on behalf of not only my organisation but many others like it.  They truly are spoiling us.