The end is night for the inefficient incandescent light bulb

Well no sooner said then done.  Some of you will have read Matthew’s guest blog regarding energy efficient lighting in my absence last week and lo and behold we now have an announcement at the fag end of the Labour Conference to take the decision (although some might say re-take the decision) to phase out the brightest 150 watt bulbs from next January and thereafter stopping selling 100 watt bulbs by January 2009, with the remaining standard incandescent light bulbs to be removed by December 2011. 

As quoted in the Times, I am actually delighted that the Government has made this public announcement, but I think it just indicates some of the tough decisions that will need to be made with regard to new electronics coming onto the market place.  Instead of spending huge amounts of time banning, outlawing or phasing out existing and new technologies, such as standby, set top boxes etc, we should be putting much more emphasis at a national and international level in ensuring these products are manufactured to a highly energy efficient standard in the first place.  Retailers need to take a responsible attitude to giving their consumers information on which they can make a sensible purchase decision and following that up with information that ensures that people can make real choices.  We would not allow products to be produced and launched into the market place which were patently unsafe to us as individuals, I would suggest that some of these products are equally unsafe for us as individuals in terms of the impact they have on our climate.

So Sunday it’s off to sunny Blackpool (here’s hoping) to see what the Tories have got to say on the subject.  It should be an interesting contrast to last year’s event which saw the ascendancy of David Cameron – it now has all the hallmarks of a Plantagenet succession plan!

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