Received a really interesting e-mail from the RSA day today, as a Fellow of the Royal Society I am being asked to give my views on how we might update Joseph Rowntree’s original list of social evils.  As you can imagine the usual suspects are given consideration; gambling, drugs, poverty, violence, human trafficking etc.  Interestingly no one mentions climate change as a social evil, I wonder why that is.  Is it do you think because unlike all the other things mentioned, people feel their own ability to prevent or reduce climate change is not of the same order of “do ability” as reducing drug use, preventing gambling or indeed even reducing poverty?  As people in their thousands gather this weekend at Heathrow to protest this truth, I would be interested in people’s thoughts as to why it is that the single biggest issue facing the world today is not viewed in the same light as the eradication of poverty, the elimination of human trafficking or that other great social evil war.