For any one with low blood pressure, taking a quick scan through the letters pages of the Daily Mail is sure to help rectify that condition. Today includes a letter by Mr N Walker berating Yvette Cooper and all and sundry regarding the "totally unnecessary introduction of energy performance certificates” on the basis that "When you move into a house you can change everything, including the heating [system]" and free choice means you can replace it with a different one if you want! He goes on to cite the somewhat spurious suggestion that the price of energy is the key regulator on usage. Clearly the Climate Change debate has not arrived in his home town of Grimsby yet. This despite the fact nearby Hull recently experienced the type of flooding that can be expected on a regular basis if we do nothing to arrest climate change.

I do agree with one thing Mr N Walker says, however, which is that you shouldn’t necessarily need advice from a government inspector on how to save energy. There are of course plenty of other sources of independent energy saving advice…like the Energy Saving Trust for a start!

Whilst his belief that you can should be able to work out how to save energy yourself may hold true for Mr Walker, it is evident – from our own research – that people want clear, practical energy saving advice. I think that the introduction of the Energy Performance Certificate is one way of achieving this. They will help people get engaged in the debate and enable them to understand – in each area of their home – how they can reduce energy, save money and help mitigate their impact on the climate at the same time.

As an after thought, have you noticed – not specific just to the Daily Mail – that there is an increasing tendency to divide the English from the Scots on these sorts of matters (and many others too)? It is as if the union never took place. Perhaps there are secret BNP sleepers living in isolation around England just waiting for the opportunity to stoke up the anti-Scot feeling. Or is it just another parade of the little England mentality?

PS – As us “little Englanders” are currently being thrashed by India in the Test cricket perhaps it’s time for us to chat to NPower to see if we can’t help deliver, if not a cricket neutral, a carbon neutral test match going forward. Do you think it will catch on?