I did a whole series of interesting interviews yesterday for the BBC, Reuters and others around a really hot topic that will be aired on Wednesday of this week (watch this space).  It is really heartening to see how much coverage these sorts of stories (sorry to tease you again) are actually getting from the main stream media.  My big concern is that we might start to see “green fatigue” set in as people get fed up of  the big picture ‘doom and gloom’ stories.

I was particularly interested to see articles in the weekend press, in The Telegraph, The Mail and The Express starting to resurface the debate around climate change, undermining the statistics and the technologies – wind particularly. This drip drip process of using suggestive stories implying climate change is not really a problem, or that technologies like solar, wind won’t really work or even that the whole thing is a means for the Government to raise additional taxes by stealth is pretty harmful. The question is how can we combat this without starting to get equally shouty? This is the real communication challenge of our time. We need to rise to it. I am hoping Wednesday will help address this in a small, but interesting way.